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  Rzeczywistość na rozciągniętych szelkach z okna for 2 pianos, strings and computer. 2208
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Szymanki Kurpianowskie na głos, for voice, piano and computer (k.z.). 2007

Ogród Marty opera for female voice, actor and ensemble. 2006
[commision of Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage]
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monada 5 for min. 3 improvising musician and computer. 2006

Apoftegmata for tape. 2006

Szymborskie improwizacje voice, piano and computer (k.z.) 2005
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Broda for celloand computer. 2005
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10 1, 8 2, 6 3, 4 4 for string quartet and computer. 2005
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The Gate for symphonic orchestra and computer. 2005
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Rzeczywistość na rozciągniętych szelkach z okna for clarinet, trombone, piano, cello and computer. 2004
[commision of AUKSO Music Foundation for Nonstrom ensemble]

monada 4 for Baron, Wojtasik and computer. 2004

monada 3 for voice, piano and computer. 2003
[commision of Polish Radio Experimental Studio , 1-st prize at X International Rostrum of Electroacoustic Music, 2004 Rome]
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Meloodia for Arvo Part na cztery głosy męskie i taśmę
[commision of "Człowiek pogranicza" Foundation for The Hiliard Ensamble]

monada 2 for trumpet, voice and computer. 2003
[realized in the Experimental Studio of the Hendrich-Strobel-Stiftung des SWR in Freiburg]
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The Aim. Broadcast 2 for announcer and electronics . 2002

Wyczochraczone for computer. 2002

Dishevelled Grassfor voice and computer. 2002
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Triads for string orchestra and computer. 2002
[commision of Warsaw Atumn Friends Foundation and Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung]
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monada 1 for accordion and 2 violins. 2001

Sequences. Audiovisual spectacle (k.z.). 2001

The Beginning. Broadcast 2 for announcer and electronics. 2001
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Ovinu Malkeinu - for tape. 2000
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Vernissage - for photos, piano and computer (k.z.). 1999

Hypér tes morphés for tape. 1998

Morphai - Audiovisual spectacle (k.z.). 1998

Medianty for string quartet, harpsichord and piano. 1998

Games - Audiovisual spectacle. 1998

Taps - Audiovisual spectacle (k.z.). 1997

Poems from the Rabble of Nobody's Thoughts for choir, 3 sopranos, piano and harpsichord. 1996

Epic Poem of Hops for soprano actors' choir and large symphony orchestra. 1996

Żuławy Impressions for strings. 1993

- group composition

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